The Vision of the Almond Tree

An awakening is coming to America

By Claude Greene

And the word of the LORD came to me saying, “What do you see, Jeremiah?” And I said, “I see a rod of an almond tree.”
‭‭JEREMIAH‬ ‭1:11-12‬ ‭NASB

I was in a church service where God was moving powerfully, and as I was in the spirit I saw a beautiful almond tree sitting alone in a field. It looked like it was getting ready to bud. I couldn’t tell if the sun was setting or if it was rising, but I could see the sun on the horizon behind this single almond tree. Instantly, I knew God was speaking, but I couldn’t tell exactly what He was saying so I searched the Scriptures about almond trees.

I was brought to Jeremiah 1:11 and in this scripture, Jeremiah said he saw the rod of an almond tree (which is transliterated into seeing the germination of an almond tree, or the staff of the almond tree). Prophetically, I knew this was significant, not only in the fact of seeing the budding almond tree, but God was speaking about the authority of which this almond tree represented. In this scripture alone God was using the almond tree as a symbol, an emblem, something that I could reference when declaring what God is doing in this season. The almond tree symbolizes a quick budding out of season. The Lord uses almonds in scripture to relay the message that He is watching over His word to hastily perform it.

We are in a season where God is watching faithfully over His word and bringing it to pass in an accelerated time because that’s what He wants to do! This was a huge paradigm shift for me because I was accustomed to trying to bend God’s arm for His word to come to pass. I would pray harder, fast longer, praise louder, and sing more passionately so God would do what He said He was going to do. Out of this vision, I see God is more interested in His Word coming to pass than I am.

The almond tree not only blossoms very quickly, but it also blossoms during the winter while all the other tree and herbs are waiting for the next season. God is saying in this season of coldness and hardness of the land, “I am going to make it happen and I am making it happen very quickly.”

We are in a season where God is not waiting for the perfect conditions to bring His word to pass, but He is making it come to pass during the off season. The season when no one is looking for anything, the season where everything is suppose to be hibernating, and in slumber, when everything is not aware, this is when God is making His word to come to pass.

God is accelerating His word in this season over this nation. We are about to see God’s hand move very swiftly. I recall reading an article stating that the almond tree budding in the middle of winter is akin to the awakening that is about to happen in America. America is plagued with serious coldness of heart, and many slumber, but there is coming a budding prophetic revival that we have not seen before, new prophetic authority that we have not witnessed. The authority we are going to see in the prophetic is the power to accelerate despite frostbitten, cold, and slumbering conditions. God is about to awaken those things that were sleep and waiting for the next season to bud. God isn’t waiting to warm us up for what He is about to do, but He is ready to move now. The season of awakening is happening while everyone is asleep. He is waking up the church during the season of slumber, and He is doing it quickly.

Claude C. Greene Jr is a Senior Associate Pastor along with his wife, Samaria Greene. The two of them lead their church’s Missions and Evangelism department and are a part of the Prophetic Cabinet at their local church. Claude’s passion is to raise up an army of Prophetic Intercessors that can hear and obey the voice of the Lord. He teaches, develops, and leads a team of intercessors at his church, and he conducts local workshops to develop prayer warriors and leaders from other churches. He and his wife serve Apostle Randall Furlow and Pastor Autumn Furlow, founders of New Life Covenant Church in Hamden, CT.

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