The Spirit of Racism- What We Need To Do

The call for unity is arising in this hour!

By Brandon Gatson

I think we’re all concerned for the lack of love and value for life in this nation. This is an issue that has to be addressed. We can’t change what we avoid! I believe there are ungodly cycles that resurface in each generation that are designed to rekindle division among us as a people. There are strategic events, epidemics, assertions, TV shows, movies, and movements intended to keep us from progressing forward. It’s one thing to have an understanding of history but it’s another thing to be bound by it.

The spirit of racism manifests itself in two primary ways as an “oppressor” and the “oppressed”. As the oppressor it produces a superior, unjust, violent, angry, hateful, segregated, controlling, and arrogant spirit; and for the oppressed a rejected, fearful, hateful, angry, segregated, violent, inferior spirit.

The children of Israel (the oppressed) were slaves in Egypt (the world system). They were bound, beaten and treated unfairly. They cried out to the Lord and He delivered them from the hand of Pharaoh (the oppressor) however, we learned of another issue: They were out of Egypt but Egypt wasn’t out of them!

They took the mental damage with them and became a product of what they went through. God did NOT allow them to enter the “Promised Land”. They all died in the wilderness (an unfruitful and unproductive place). So, God raised up a generation that wasn’t affected by the oppression or the oppressor of Egypt. They were educated on their history but free from the mental damage it caused. As a nation, we cannot allow this spirit to influence us.

Racism is a cycle in America. The actions that are taken place now are designed to reignite and surface the anger and hatred that has been hidden and is from the past!

The Vision of Men on Horses

The Lord showed me a vision of men on horses. They were in the form of a ghost dressed in colonial attire. They were leaving the state of Virginia traveling throughout America. Then I saw little fires going throughout the states. I asked the Lord about this and this is what He revealed:

The men were ancient spirits resurfacing to take control of the land; the fire was a violent movement sweeping across the U.S. and the state of Virginia was the starting point because this state was the birthing place of slavery in our country in August 1619 (Charlottesville, Virginia riots happened August 12th). I saw the violent fires lead to “Marshall Law” however towards the end, I saw a massive move over the U.S. in evangelism. The Kingdom influence had grown to be greater than all the darkness that was taking place.

What Do We Need to Do?

• We need to pray against this movement (Matt. 6:10).
• Pray for our law enforcement (1st Tim. 2:1).
• Pray for President Trump (1st Tim. 2:1).
• Share the Gospel and the love of God (Mark 16:15-18).
• Use our positions and platforms for peaceful solutions (Matt. 5:9).
• Remain encouraged! (Philippians 4:8-9).
• Pray for the leaders in the Church to come together (Romans 12:5).

We cannot look to the world (this system) for answers. That is not the Kingdom mandate or the example that Jesus modeled. He brought His world into this one as “Heaven on Earth”. It’s our job to model and provide the answers to the world, but if the LEADERS in the BODY don’t align and model unity, diversity, and love, how will the world know? It’s perverted to look to a system void of the influence of God for answers.

If we’re Kingdom focused, there will be divine alignments from every stream but when we’re focused on our individual ministries, we will only align when it benefits us. I’m praying for divine meetings from leaders of every color and denomination in the Body, not to put in a conference but to sit down at a round table to discuss these issues. We have to make plans for the world and the Church!

Let the alignments come, in Jesus name Amen!

Brandon Gatson is the son of Pastor Willie and Shirley Gatson. He is a Georgia native and has worked with prophetic and deliverance ministries for over 15 years. He served 10 years with Resurrection Family Ministries as well as 5 years in community outreach at Kentucky State University. He’s partnered with P.Y.C.E (Promising Youth Center for Excellence) program and facilitated the campus ministry over the last 5 years. Brandon currently works with the Kentucky Governmental Coalition for leadership for the state of Kentucky and travels full-time with Ryan LeStrange Ministries. Brandon is a very unique prophet that functions in a high level of revelation, miracles, and Kingdom activation. He resides in Frankfort, Kentucky with his wife, August Gatson. They attend Heavenly Outpour Church and seek to establish the heart of God in the lives of people, cities, regions, and nations.

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