The New Thing in the Glory of God

God wants you to break out and break forth into your God ordained destiny through HIS Glory.

By Yvonne Shotwell

I hear the Lord saying that in the year of 2018, “I am getting ready to KISS you with my favor.” We will see an increase of HIS glory in our lives and thus, the world. And this will be a year where the saints will begin to release the fruit of the Spirit as in Galatians 5:22-23 into the earth. He said, “My laws are no longer written on tablets, but on the hearts of men.” God’s kingdom will prevail.

This will be a year of Favor, increasing Glory and the Body of Christ living in the fruit of the Spirit. God is saying that my body has to lead with faith, hope and love. My body will be an example of what a kingdom citizen should look like. Yes, my body will also continue to increase in spiritual discernment as they continue to yield their physical bodies as a holy place where my spirit lives. YOU are my church. YOUR body carries my kingdom and my glory. Arise, body as we go forth into NEW things and a New Year of God’s Glory!


I hear the Lord saying, “Yes, you are seeing an abundance of exposure in the area of sexual sins in the earth right now. What do you expect? If I have promised that my Glory will invade the earth like never before and with a great culmination in 2020 that will astound the minds of Christians and unbelievers, then what do you expect? My Glory will be seen in the earthly tabernacles of my church. Everyone that has welcomed me into their temple is my church. Before I cover the earth with my righteousness and Glory, I will clean up or I will perform a purifying or washing of that which is not like me. So yes, that is why you are seeing exposure from the very top of the systems of the world to the unholy activity that is invading our cities across the nations. But look up, your redemption is closer than you think and I will get my way. Watch, continue to decree my word and you will see my holiness and righteousness to be known and spoken of by the world. I AM GOD and the entire world will know that and I will increase my hunger for an intimate relationship with me throughout the earth.

“Now, the NEW things springs forth”, says the Lord. I had a vision of me in myself current 2017 vehicle and was driving down the street and I suddenly turned onto the street that led to a previous home where I had lived. The address of the home flashed before my eyes. Another car was coming out and the man driving the car looked at me as if saying, “Where are you going? You don’t belong here. As I looked at him my NEW car suddenly died. The dashboard went all black.

I hear the LORD saying, “Don’t travel down old roads and old foundations and clinging on to places of comfort and familiarity. You can’t take the new into the old nor the old into the NEW. I am putting you on a new path and giving you a new home. You are about to enter new revelation, new authority, and new power. BUT you must release all the old BEFORE you can enter into this NEW realm of revelation, NEW authority, NEW power, and ultimately the NEW building of my Glory.


 Yvonne Shotwell, a Prophetic Intercessor, Minister and Author, currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma and attends Victory Christian Center. She has been doing evangelistic-missionary ministry for more than half of her life and is now beginning to fully transitioning into a writing ministry and career. Information on her new ministry can be found at www.unleash-your- Her books can be purchased from

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