Submission Guidelines Submission Guidelines aims to inspire and equip people with prophetic words and training. These guidelines will help you as you create content to submit or publication.


What We Publish: Common themes are prophetic words, prophetic training articles, blogs and videos. We may also publish content around revival, spiritual warfare, apostolic messages and other relevant topics that the Lord is speaking into in any given season. We do not publish book reviews.

Submitting Your Content

We value your submissions. Feel free to submit your content to [email protected] for review. If we decide to publish your content, we will email you back. We will try to send you a link when it publishes but due to the overwhelming load of operations we cannot guarantee to alert you. Please do check back in a few days to see that your content is posted. Our editors will give you a general idea when the article will post when we agree to post it.

Content Categories

Prophetic Words: We publish prophetic words and articles that expound upon them. These articles should be 500 to 800 words. Please include your bio and a link to your website.

Articles: Equipping articles should teach on topics of prophetic, prayer, intercession and related issues the Holy Spirit is breathing on during any given season.

Videos: Original videos should be five minutes or less, though there are exceptions. The videos should share a prophetic message or offer prophetic training. Prophetic training videos may be longer.

Podcasts: Podcasts should be 10 minutes or less, though there are exceptions. The podcasts should share a prophetic message or offer prophetic training. Prophetic training podcasts may be longer.

Events: The event page is to advertise events. See our advertising department for more information.

Our standard when citing the Scriptures is the New American Standard (NASB) Bible. Please use the NASB in your writing unless you need to use a different translation for a specific reason.

 Important Items

Please source any information that did not originate with you.

We may need to return your article for revisions or shorten it in the editing process.

We stand against natural and spiritual plagiarism.

Please take time to read some of our current content so you can see what we generally publish. Of course, just because you don’t see something similar to what you have to offer doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit.

We reserve rights not to publish content based on the needs of our audience, repetitive messages, disagreement over doctrine or other issues.

Email any questions to [email protected]. We want to answer emails but do not guarantee a response.