Sowing In Tears Brings Songs of Joy

The harvest is coming!

By Michelle Stokley

Great things are often birthed from difficult times, trials, and circumstances. Behind every movement and dream realized, there is someone who persists throughout perceived failures and criticism. Behind every new thing brought to the Earth from imagination and spirit, there is someone who holds on to a God-given vision.

You see, nothing comes free. There is a cost to every success. If you want good relationships and friendship, it will cost you time and effort. If you want to build something, whether it be a business or a house or a ministry, it will cost you an investment of time and money and other resources. If you want to grow and move forward, it will cost you that which you must let go. You put in work. You make sacrifices. You decrease for increase. This is called sowing for a reaping. You decrease through sowing. You “reap” increase!

The Bible tells us in Psalm 126:5 that those who are sowing in tears can look forward to reaping in joy! Some translations say reaping songs of joy and some say shouts of joy! The point is that joy, whether it be expressed in songs or shouts, comes with victory. A harvest, or reaping, is the victory of flourishing life despite possibly harsh circumstances. Victory is allowing yourself to grow and flourish in life despite the circumstances. There will be pain. We do get hurt. We do get tired and weary. We cry many tears in the course of the sowing for a dream or a vision. We have times where we even think about giving up. Nevertheless, we persist and keep our eyes on Jesus, not on our pain.

Psalm 56:8 tells us that God keeps track of our wanderings, collects our tears, or our sorrows, in a bottle, and has them written in a book. Nothing escapes Him. He remembers what we endure. He is faithful and right by our side through the entire process. He still uses what we momentarily see as useless pain and fruitless work for good. Nothing is wasted… not one tear, not one effort, not one sacrifice, not one act of obedience, not one persecution… nothing. Have faith that God uses ALL things for the good of those who love Him and are called to His purpose, including all the trials and tribulations believers face.

So, if you are in a time of sowing tears, don’t get stuck here. You risk losing your dream or vision! All of the difficulties you’re facing  is carrying the possibility of birthing greatness through you if you will trust and have faith that God is with you, comforting you, and carrying you through this. Don’t allow the pain to become greater than your purpose. Don’t let the distractions cause you to lose your focus. Keep your eyes on Jesus, keep moving forward, and know that your time of harvest is coming!!

Michelle Stokley is the founder of Jeremiah2911Ministries. I am a Daughter of the King, a worship leader, a prophetic writer, an intercessor, a media coordinator, a mother, and a wife. I deeply love Jesus and want others to know Him. I have a love and a vision for social media ministry. I enjoy helping others reach their goals and realize the dreams God has placed within them. I seek to encourage those who need encouraging and seek to offer hope and direction to those who may have lost sight of hope in their lives. I also have a vision for uniting prophetic women together so that they can learn from each other, pray for one another, teach one another, glean from one another, and grow together as strong women and leaders in Christ.

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