Rapid Fire Prophecies: It’s Time to Pick Up the Mantle

Open doors and new mantles are available! Open doors and new mantles are available!

This is the hour the voice of The Lord is calling many out of hiding. There are those He has hidden but now is the time you will find yourself being brought into places where you will demonstrate the Kingdom authority He has invested in you. Some of you have become accustomed to the level you are on now.

When the doors open and the gates call your name you may want to run back to your familiar hiding place, but the Spirit of the Lord will continue to highlight you because the time is now. There are many who are waiting for what you have conceived in the secret place.

The sick are waiting to be healed! The healing is in your hands and in your voice! No more hiding! No more hesitation! The lost and dying are looking for The redeemer! You know who He is! The bound are longing for deliverance! You know the authority of the name of Jesus!

There are those who have watched you for years. Some watched for your failure but others have known what you’ve endured and are anticipating your release!

The Lord is going to show Himself strong through you! The trials were not worthless! They have worked for you a far more exceeding weight of glory!

It’s time to pick up the mantle and part the waters! The former season is over. The familiar will fall away to the amazing!

Your time fighting and standing and even wrestling with yourself has brought into a brand new place. There are still giants to take and land to possess but you have been equipped and now is the time to move forward!

I realize this word is not for everybody. There are many who are just beginning their walk with God. There are others who are still in the season of being hidden. Minister to The Lord and to others no matter what season you are in.

But there are those of you who The Spirit of God is speaking to. Step into your new place! You were created for it!

Tina Baker is the leader of International House of Fire in Cleveland, TN.