Prophetic Encounters That Will Blow Your Mind

There is an absolute danger when we begin to have encounters outside of the parameters of scripture. There is an absolute danger when we begin to have encounters outside of the parameters of scripture.

(By Jacob Biswell) Throughout the centuries, there have been many people who have experienced trances, out of body experiences, and many other, supernatural encounters. While some claim these experiences were from their spirit guides or from chanting mantras, the ones that I want to focus on are those from the only pure and safe source of encounters… Christ Jesus.

It is important to remember that all encounters, trances, and other spiritual experiences must be in line with and according to scripture. There is an absolute danger when we begin to have encounters outside of the parameters of scripture. So, with that said, all encounters must be God-breathed. They must all be God-initiated. The word “encounter” gives us the idea of something that we didn’t expect. The prophet Isaiah didn’t go to the temple expecting to have a life changing experience with the Lord, and yet, the Lord showed up. Out of it came one of my favorite passages where Isaiah describes the Lord being “high and lifted up” (Isaiah 6).

We cannot manipulate these experiences. We have only one responsibility and that is to keep ourselves open to the Father. There are many times in scripture where it says, “Let him who has an ear, hear what the spirit is saying.” (Matthew 11:15) We must have ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart to receive. That way when God does show up in some awesome way, we will be ready to listen.

The Bible says that God never changes; He still works and moves among his people in the same ways He did in the days of old. He moves in powerful and, many times, unexpected ways. The very sad reality is that many in the Body of Christ are content with a mundane and distant relationship with the Lord. They live from the idea that Jesus is off in a distant galaxy and they are stuck here in this realm. This couldn’t be further from the truth. He has chosen to take up residency within you. God wants to encounter you!

There are several encounters detailed throughout scripture that would blow our mind. 2 Corinthians 12:2-4 speaks of a man that Paul knew that was “caught up.” Most scholars believe that Paul is speaking of himself here. Just a thought… Were encounters so looked down upon that Paul was careful in even mentioning that he had one himself?

The Church has so set boundaries against this realm that it has become almost dangerous in some circles to even mention that God has spoken to you. There are even some groups that venture as far as to say that God is no longer speaking in any form other than the Bible. This is far from the truth.

As a prophetic voice, Jacob Biswell has served on multiple ministry boards providing apostolic insight. He is a highly sought after speaker both nationally and internationally. He speaks at conferences, churches and other events activating and empowering people to enter their destiny, grab hold of their dreams and receive their healing. Jacob flows with the Holy Spirit to wreak havoc on the Kingdom of Darkness and strengthen God’s people. You can find him online at