Prophecy: An Unprecedented Season of Fire

It's a season of fire! It's a season of fire!
(Lana Vawser) I had an encounter with the Lord where I was taken up above the earth and I was looking down at the earth and I could see pockets of fire burning all across the earth. All across the earth in different nations, some places expected and some places totally unexpected.
There were incredible moves of the fire of God falling and encounters with His burning passionate love bringing His people into a deeper level of undoing. A deeper level of being undone by His love, going lower still and rising up burning with the fire of His love. A great igniting is taking place all across the earth, the people of God are being set alight with His love and burning for Him in ways they have never experienced before.
As I watched these incredible moves of the Spirit of God, His fire falling all across the earth, I looked to my right and I saw Jesus with right next to me. He looked at me and smiled and He spoke “Watch and see when My people move together in unity.”
Suddenly it was like I was watching two things happening simultaneously. I began to see IN the encounters with the fire of God’s love that was falling, that was purifying, purging, igniting and activating, I saw hands reaching out from within the fire. In experiencing the deep, deep love of God, the people of God were being awakened to truly loving one another.
He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself'” (Luke 10:27)
The people of God were moving deeper into Luke 10:27. In the awakening to His love and loving the Lord, being consumed heart, soul and mind with the fire of His love for HIs people, I saw the people of God being suddenly awakened and flowing in a deeper manifestation of love for one another.
There was an extension of hands from out of the fire, reaching out to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in purity, pure motives, pure intention, out of the overflow of the revelation of the love of God, I saw as their hands went to connect, their arms became matchsticks. As hands connected all across the planet, I saw these matchsticks suddenly alight and a double, exponential increase of the fire of God being released across the earth.
As I am watching this, at the same time I see a huge cheeseboard over the entire earth. I am watching as Jesus is moving people strategically on the chessboard. Some pieces are being moved from the front to the back. Some from the back to the front. Some from the side to the middle, some from the middle to the side, but no matter where He was moving these pieces it was the perfect strategy, government and alignment of heaven taking place on the earth. I watched Jesus as He moved the pieces with such focus, such intentionality, such excitement, such concentration.
Everything was being put in it’s perfect place. As He moved His people around the chessboard, I watched some fighting the positioning. Some were upset, some were angry, some were excited, some were joyful, some were surprised, some were offended, some were fearful, some were fluid and content with wherever He placed them, but I did notice that where the people of God gave the Lord their “YES”, their complete surrender before they saw where He was going to position them, I saw a great acceleration taking place over their life and once they were put into position it began to rain heavily over them. It was raining great favor! Heavy, bucketloads of favor.
As these strategic movements were taking place, He spoke with such love and such comfort:
“Sometimes My people may not want to go where I am leading but it is the best place for them. In this season, as My people press in, I am giving my people new eyes. These eyes are found in deep intimacy with Me. Eyes to re-evaluate where I am, what “form” am I manifesting in, how I am moving. What I am doing now is completely different, completely new, but I have and am setting the stage for something more glorious than My people have ever seen. “
I was filled with such an incredible excitement in my spirit knowing that where He was placing His people was the best place and what He was orchestrating is so completely different than anything we have ever seen before, but more glorious than we could imagine and it requires being close to Him, deeper in intimacy to see where He is, what He is doing, and how He is doing it.
“Some of the most incredible placements are taking place and are about to take place in the body of Christ in this season. The season of unprecedented favor and placing to see a move of the fire of My love extended across the world like never before. There will be overnight placements of favor that will bring radical transformation to lives, cities and nations. But this strategic placing, these incredible favor placements are not being birthed in lone rangers. They are being birthed in unity. They are being birthed in My body joining hands. There will be favor for different places, but to bring a greater knitting together of My Church and My Glory, Kingdom and love extended across the earth. HISTORY will be changed because of the strategic divine placements of this season as My people shine brighter and shout “THIS IS HIS STORY!!.”
Suddenly both of these simultaneous things that were taking place (the encounters with the fire of His love and hands reaching out to each other in the Church, and the chessboard strategic placing of His people in this season) suddenly merged into one. I saw them like two perfect beautiful pieces to a puzzle. Two halves to a whole and as they joined together suddenly I saw a net of fire extending and covering the whole earth. It was a huge net of fire, it extended and extended and extended until no part of the earth was left uncovered.
I wondered what this net could represent and He heard the pondering of My heart and He then says to me:
“The greatest move of My Spirit bringing unity is happening in the body of Christ right now. It is beginning on unprecedented levels, My body is coming together. UNITED! UNITED! UNITED! UNITED AS ONE and as this is beginning to take place, so is the greatest move of My Spirit that has ever been seen to BECOME FISHERS OF MEN!!!!!”
Instantly it hit me! Everything that the Lord is doing in this season, a sovereign move of His Spirit bringing unity, unprecedented levels of favour, strategic placements, all of it, He is setting the stage for the greatest harvest that we have EVER seen as the people of God.
As I looked at the earth again that NET was a FISHERMEN’S NET!!!!! A NET OF FIRE being extended across the earth being birthed out of ENCOUNTERS WITH THE LOVE OF GOD, UNITY of the bretheren, TRULY LOVING ONE ANOTHER, was ushering in the greatest move of God we have ever seen where the move of His Spirit will see the greatest wave of salvations we have ever seen across the earth. The mark of this move.. LOVE!!!!! LOVE!!! The FIRE of His love!!! Was there darkness on the earth as I looked down, you bet there was, but you know what stood out? THE FIRE OF HIS LOVE!!!!
As I watched the NET BURNING, I looked closer, and the NET was the PEOPLE OF GOD joined together arm in arm!!! WE are the NET!!! The BURNING ONES bringing others IN through the revelation and impartation of His love! The NET continued to extend, and extend and extend as the years went on, as more and more and more salvations happened.
My heart was full of joy! My heart was not focused on the darkness, nor even swayed by it, because the BEAUTY of what He was doing amidst it all, I could SEE His love working through it all.
As the net burned all across the earth, I saw a CLOUD cover the entire earth and it was the CLOUD of His GLORY. It covered the whole earth, but it also rained His Glory down onto the earth. As the Glory of God was raining down onto the earth I saw angelic hosts everywhere and they began to sing.. “HABAKKUK 2:14.. IT IS HABAKKUK 2:14…THE TIME OF HABAKKUK 2:14
“For as the waters fill the sea, the earth will be filled with an awareness of the glory of the LORD.”