Prepare to be Rerouted in 2018!

We must be ready to go the way God is moving.

By Sucorra Russell

For some, there may be some rerouting in 2018. Agendas may be different, and some plans may be different. Many are expecting to take a certain route. Many are holding on to names, cities, and even faces that they expect to show up after this crossover. But be cautious to move, because God is doing some rerouting, some recalibrating. See, this is why God doesn’t give us the whole picture. Sometimes there are people assigned to help fulfill your promise, yet they don’t accept the assignment. Many of us miss our blessings due to other’s disobedience just as we can cause others to miss their blessings due to our obedience. This is why God is recalibrating, rerouting and reassigning. No worries!

When someone else answers a call, there is always another eager to answer. It just delays the time of manifestation, but it will happen. God reroutes for reasons other than someone not accepting their assignment. Sometimes things on Earth or in the spiritual realm make that set time and place a bad time and place for manifestation or fulfillment. So, it must be rerouted or rescheduled.

However, in 2018 much rerouting will take place without delay. God already has the time, place, and alignment set. However, it is not what many will expect. So, when things begin to stir, remember God is rerouting. When He guides you in a new direction, MOVE QUICKLY! Do not hesitate! Don’t cause the reroute to be rerouted again.

In Acts 16, Paul & Timothy are going to the Nations. They attempted to go to Asia, but Holy Spirit stopped them twice. Then Paul had a vision of a Macedonian man saying, “Come help us!”. We would think that Paul would go to seek this man in Macedonia and they would have met due to divine alignment. However, Scripture states that Paul met with a woman named Lydia. God opened Lydia’s heart to receive them well. She allowed them to baptize her and her family. She offered them a place to stay. That was the divine alignment. It wasn’t what Paul saw in the vision. It wasn’t a man. So, we can’t only adhere to our interpretations of our visions and dreams. We must be open to God’s rerouting.

If Paul would have gone into Asia as he planned, he may have missed his divine alignment with Lydia.  Matthew 22:14 says,  “For many are called, but few are chosen.” We can also say many are called, but few answer. So, we must be quick and diligent with our obedience. Many are called to do something, but many will not answer His call. So, we must go where He leads us, and if He reroutes us, we have to adhere and know that He knows what we don’t know! Prepare to be rerouted in 2018!

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