He’s Fine Tuning Your Hearing In This Season

Listen closely!

By Madeline James

As I was recently praying, the Lord began to show me a picture of the inside of an ear. The Lord began to use these small tools to tune this ear to hear him at a higher frequency/level with more acuity. Many of you have felt like you’ve not been hearing the Lord like you’re used to. I saw him cleaning the spiritual wax out of ears, removing blockages, treating infections that have been hindering your hearing. There is an invitation in this season to press in like never before to hear what the Lord is saying for now and into your 2018. The tuning may feel uncomfortable and hurt a little, but the Father is removing everything that hinders, muffles, and distorts the voice of the Lord. Proverbs 2:2 says, “Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding.”

The enemy has sent many traps and assignments to compromise your hearing, and to get you to doubt what the Lord has told you. Matthew 11:15 declares, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” The reason for the opposition against your hearing is because, every season requires a new level and frequency of hearing. How God spoke to you in the previous season may not apply to your next season. The Lord is always showing himself in new facets. It’s our responsibility to seek the Lord for how He is communicating  in the season we are in. We must be a people that learns to move with the cloud.

Many of you have been experiencing spiritual static in your hearing. It’s like a radio trying to find a station to come in. It’s time to allow the Lord to turn the dial of your hearing to a new channel. Be careful of the voices you’re allowing to speak into your life. To many voices brings confusion. When too many voices are speaking at once they overlap to produce a muffled sound. Position yourself in place where your ears are close to His voice. The enemy brings warfare to attempt to separate you from the Father’s voice. Refuse to be moved.

Throughout the book of Psalm, David would often say, “I will incline my ear to the Lord, or would You incline your ear to me.” To incline means to bow, to lean, become drawn (merriam-webster.com). It’s imperative to lean in closer in this season. When we don’t lean in, enticing voices will try to come and pull us away. The Lord’s anointing your spiritual ears in this season to hear with clarity and accuracy. Allow Him to clean and tune your ears enabling you to hear like never before as you go into 2018.


Madeline James is a young emerging prophetic voice who resides in Lexington, KY. She is the author of Rooted In Love, and co-author of Emerge. Madeline is the blogger of the prophetic blog Nabi’s Pen. She desires to be a prophetic voice that propels and pushes the Body of Christ forward. Her website is nabispen.com

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