God Is The Author Of Your Impossibilities

God is writing your story!

By Audrey Jett

God has given you promises, and you’re waiting. And waiting. Holding onto hope in the face of impossibility. Sometimes in the waiting, we wonder. We wonder if something is wrong with us, if there’s some demonic or generational curse that’s holding us back, or if we’ve somehow missed the train. In the face of impossibilities and wondering, take heart, and learn from Sarah.

Sarah: Received but not conceived

Sarah was highly-favored and loved. She experienced intimacy but no fruit…yet. God had given Abraham and Sarah a promise, not just for a son, but that they would be father and mother to nations (Gen. 17:4, 15).

Sarah’s barrenness brought cultural shame and personal disappointment. She was mocked and looked upon with contempt by her own maidservant who became pregnant. She didn’t have hope or expectation. She was past the point of childbearing; everything in her that had the capability to produce life had shut down.

The issue was not with Abraham’s seed. Likewise, God releases his seed packed with potential for life, birthing nations, and releasing resurrection power, but the church is not able to conceive or perceive it. Her womb is closed.

There was no generational curse or other explainable cause for Sarah’s barrenness. Even after the seed of promise was released, and their names were prophetically changed – representing a nature that changed from natural to supernatural – they still had to wait for the appointed time.

Gen. 18:14 “At the appointed time, when the season for her delivery comes around, I will return to you and Sarah shall have borne a son.”

On the contrary, Mary, mother of Jesus, received word that she was going to be pregnant by the Holy Spirit while she was a young virgin. It seemed she was asked to bear the promise before her “appropriate” time.

Why did God use a very old woman, past her childbearing years, in the Old Testament and then use a very young woman, before her time, in the New Testament? Because man will not give God credit unless it appears impossible. So at times, he is the author of your impossibilities.

In areas of your life where God has released his promise, and you have not yet birthed it or seen it come to fruition, there are TIMES when it is because God has authored and designed an impossibility in your life, so that when the promise is conceived and birthed, only God gets the credit.

There’s certainly times when we get in the way, when we’re disobedient and lack faith, or when we are butting up against a generational curse that needs to be broken. This isn’t a blanket statement. Yet there are times when there is no explainable reason, even when you’ve pursued God for the answer and no revelation comes. It may be that you’re like Sarah, you’re dearly loved and have received the seed of promise in times of intimacy over and over. But that seed has not yet born fruit. You’ve received but not conceived, because it is not yet the appointed time.

So we wait, and we tarry. We wait by faith with expectation that God, who is not slack concerning his promises, will come through. And we will by the Holy Spirit, conceive, carry and birth what God has promised. For just as in Acts 2, those who are tarriers become carriers.

New season is coming: But first, dismantle before you pick up the new mantle

There is a new season coming. It is a season where God will break through impossibilities and bring forth what he has promised. Yet before we are able to step into that season with him, there must be a dismantling in order for there to be a mantling. There must be a dismantling of old things before you’re able to pick up the new mantles for the next.

There are biases and perceptions, jaded with doubt and unbelief that can creep into our filters for how we see and perceive. These are the result of the battles of this past season. We have walked through and have seen a measure of victory, but some setbacks have left behind doubt and unbelief that shapes our perceptions and expectations.

Ask God to give you wisdom to understand and wisdom to let go, so you can step into your next season, willing to believe that his promises are yes and amen, he’s able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. For nothing is too hard for God, so we believe despite our impossibilities.

Gen. 21:1 “The Lord visited Sarah as he had said, and he Lord did for her as he had promised. For Sarah became pregnant and bore Abraham a son in his old age, the set time God had told him.”


Audrey Jett is a prophetic warrior, intercessor, and worshipper. She lives to help people get “unstuck.” Her passion is to bring freedom, healing, and encouragement to the body of Christ through writing and ministry. She and her husband and two sons live in Independence, Kentucky, and she is known by many as simply “momma Jett.”


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