Four Types of Climates God Uses To Grow Prophets

Differents climates are neccessary to grow and stretch prophets.

By Jeremy Gibson

Watch this video as Apostle Jeremy discusses four different climates or situations God will use to help grow and develop prophets.

Jeremy Gibson began his public ministry after being trained and commissioned by his spiritual father Apostle Axel Sippach. Jeremy is a passionate worshiper who moves strongly in the power of God, traveling the globe to bring Awakening to the Body of Christ. His services are alive with Prophetic declaration, miracles, healings, and powerful revelatory preaching. Through public speaking, prophetic and discipleship training, he has ignited the hearts of God’s people with hope, passion, and purpose. God has genuinely raised him up to be a voice to this generation. His mandate is to advance the Kingdom and spread Revival throughout the earth. He is the Husband of his best friend, Gabrielle Gibson, He is the natural Father of five beautiful children, Micah, Heaven, Kaylen, Eden, and Abbie. Founder of Awakening Worldwide and Remnant Global Network, networking as well as fathering ministers around the world. He and his family reside in beautiful Brandon Florida. 

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