A Defining December

Defining your December!

By Yolanda Perry

It all started with two little words. I heard, “defining moments”. When it first hit me, I thought it was just for me. It seemed so befitting with all that has been happening in my own little world in the recent weeks and even days. But then I heard the Lord say, “A Defining December”. In that moment, I knew there was more…and that this word was more than just for me. I instantly began to inquire of Him concerning what He wanted to say about this.

While I had a general idea of what the words “defining” and “moment” meant, I want to know specifically; I was curious to see what a dictionary had to say. That led me into an intriguing search that yielded results that sort of surprised me. I did not have to split the words apart and then piece together a meaning. The words together actually have a single, yet fascinating, meaning. Merriam-Webster says a defining moment is “the time that shows very clearly what something is really about.” Whoa! I had to pause and catch my breath when I read that.

I then began to hear that in the month of December God is going to bring clarity to many things that happened in the past and even throughout this year, that have been disappointing, and even unsettling. Many have even been discouraged about how this year turned out for them.

You started off right. You took off running. You kept a good pace. You ran hard and steady. You guarded your heart. You praised through pain. You triumphed through trials. You pressed in for clear instructions.You did all you knew to do to please Him. You did all this and here you are at the end of this year, not positioned as you hoped or thought you would be. It is the last inning, the quarter, the last round and you are not at all where you envisioned you would be at this stage in your life, your walk with the Father, your ministry, your marriage, your career. This list could go on, with you finding yourself in many categories. But I will stop there, because the Lord is saying that He is getting ready to visit His people and bring clarity to what this is really all about.

This is indeed going to be a Defining December, a time when God is going to unlock some things, give language to your season of obscurity, causing you to begin to understand what you could not comprehend before. This revelation is going to cause an unlocking and a release in the Spirit for many this month. And that which is unlocked in the Spirit shall also be unlocked in the natural!

May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10 (NLT)

Many have been wanting out of this year altogether, in a hurry to get to something new, escaping what was unpleasant this year. But the Lord is saying, no rush. I still have much to do in this final month of the year. Indeed, it will be a Defining December with “defining moments.”


In these defining moments:

  • Many will be catapulted into their destiny.
  • Many will see their financial harvest come in.
  • Many will receive downloads that will change their career path.
  • Many will step into unusual favor with God and with man.
  • Many will suddenly receive contact from estranged loved ones.
  • Many will see their prodigals return home and back to God.
  • Many will experience expansion and explosion in church growth.
  • Many will see restoration of their marriages and families.
  • Many will see the tables turn in court battles in their favor.
  • Many will see the Father move expeditiously in matters that were lingering.


YES! This month. It will be a Defining December!

Imagine Joseph who had an amazing dream, but things just did in the direction that He expected it to. Yet at the appointed time, the same brothers who had left him for dead, traveled far in search of food, landing right before the one that they had tossed aside. In that moment Joseph discovered He had to go that route ultimately to save his people in the end. Finally, he could see clearly what this pit and prison thing was all about. That was a defining moment for Joseph! (See Genesis 39-47)

Imagine Ruth and Naomi, losing everything including their husbands. Grief stricken, they both traveled back to… They struggled indeed. Ruth was even reduced to working the fields and hoping others would leave the straps behind. But at the appointed time, God let Boaz really see her. Finally, Naomi and Ruth both could see clearly what this sorrow thing was all about. That was a defining moment for Ruth! (See Ruth 1-4)

Imagine Abram, who God told put pick up and go…leaving all of his kinfolk behind. He had no real direction, having to trust God to guide him all the way. I can imagine the inner turmoil he had, not know what was up ahead…until God’s plan to make his name great began to unfold. Finally, Abram could see clearly what these abstract instructions were all about. See Genesis 12 and 17.

Many in this hour will experience defining moments just like these!

Yolanda Perry is an emerging prophetic voice in this hour. She is the author of GO! 10 Blessings That Follow When You Obey His Still Small Voice and Worth the Wait. She holds academic degrees in Business Administration, Education, and Ministry & Church Leadership. Yolanda’s personal mission is to communicate and demonstrate unshakable faith. Now that Yolanda has fully embraced the charge to GO, you will see and hear much more from her through her books, audio and live messages, and throughout all social media outlets. Yolanda is the proud mother of three biological children, countless bonus kids through foster care, and beloved Nonnie to her beautiful grandkids.


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