He’s Purifying Motives

We’re in a time of sifting, where the purest of hearts will be granted advancements in the Kingdom.

By Breeanna Hill

A week or so ago, I was led to the Book of Philippians.  After meditating on Philippians 1 and entering into a time of prayer, He drew my attention to Philippians 1:18. It says, “What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretext or in truth, Christ is proclaimed. And in this I rejoice. Yes, I will rejoice.” Upon asking the Lord what He’d say about this scripture, He articulated the following:

“Make no mistake, where there is question or concern about one’s motives but my name is still spoken aloud, power remains. Recall that many are still being processed and are filled with excitement upon learning that I have called them by name. Each faces a moment in time when they must choose to set aside their names sake for mine, and mine alone. Hear me clearly on this; there is just as much opportunity for the Hearer as there is the Doer of my Word. The one who has impure motives is the one I will wreck but am still well-pleased that they’d reference My name. Contrarily, the one who hears will likely have further questioning; thus, receiving the opportunity to hear more about My name.

I am a Teacher. I have assigned tasks and have secured callings over those who will follow; it is maturity that will determine the motives of man’s heart. Time spent in My presence is what manifests the purest of intentions; time spent in My presence is what builds character and those experiences are what allows it to take root. If I never call you up then you’ll never have received an opportunity to adopt false motives, if you adopt false motives then I’ll have been given the opportunity to lovingly correct you, if I lovingly correct you, then you’ll have had the opportunity to receive me as Lord AND SAVIOR.

I operate this way when uprooting all sin. This sin is no different from the rest.Do you not recall that I, in all things, work for the good of those who love Me, who have been called according to My purpose? Do you not recall that pride is the root of all evil? Does it offend you when I say this does not surprise Me when My Gospel is met with false or counterfeit motives? This is when I enter in, this is when I make modifications to the message that’s being proclaimed as I allow what is true and good to enter into the heart of the Hearer and this is when I come to lovingly correct the Doer. I rejoice because I am lifted high. I rejoice because my sacrifice was not made in vein, I rejoice because I love my Children and pursue opportunities such as these to deliver, teach, heal and make all things NEW! My Word is indeed good for the sinner and the Saint.”

What is the Father saying to us?

I believe that now is a time of sifting, where the purest of hearts will be granted advancements in the Kingdom. On the contrary, those who’ve sought opportunity but have lacked a pure heart will be invited into a place of consecration. This time of purifying will serve as a “restart” for those whose ambitions have become contaminated. He is intensifying his focus on those who would stand to be corrected, on those willing to proclaim His mighty name for the sake of spreading the Gospel all awhile relinquishing their “right” to self-made platforms.

Additionally, He is reminding those that have identified others around them as “impure” to grace them as He would. In the same way Paul rejoiced over others in his imprisonment, Abba insists we do the same. Humility would cause us to rejoice over others when, even though the vessel’s mouth impure, the Gospel is being proclaimed accurately. Watch as He makes all things new- there will be an increase in the number of weak vessels who are made strong in Him after having undergone the refiner’s fire.

Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit within me.

Breeanna Hill is a young prophetic voice whose passion is rooted in allowing others to experience the fullness of God’s love. Currently residing in Lubbock, Texas, she has been positioned in the corporate world of business functioning in a Human Resources role in the Healthcare industry. Breeanna is the wife of nearly 5 years to Micah Hill and the mother of two vivacious little girls, Azaria (age 3) & Ava (age 1). They are proud members of The Worship Center in Lubbock, sitting under the leadership of Pastor Todd & Tricia Turnbow.  Connect with Breeanna on Facebook or at [email protected]