2018 The Year of Major Movements

Get going!

By Charlene Curry

The Lord Jesus was ALWAYS moving! He was not in one particular place for too long. He is a man of PRAYER, and He is a Man of MAJOR movements! When He left a place, it was evident that He had been there!

These MAJOR movements do not just have to do with moving to a new location, and they are not solely connected to new connections or alignments. They are not simply MOVES! They are IMPORTANT to your destiny! They are CRUCIAL to get you to the people that He has called you to. Certain moves must be made for you to get there. These moves are SIGNIFICANT to your purpose. You may have to leave your home. You may have to leave your job. You may have to leave your church, but obedience will be your ticket (Deuteronomy 28:1-14)! You will need NEW SHOES for these MAJOR MOVES. Obedience is the key to getting to where you need to go! Get going!

Is the movement taking you to a new country? Is the movement taking you to a new state? Is the movement taking you to a new area of expertise? Is the movement causing you to open a new business? Is the movement calling you to associate with new networks of people? Is the movement taking you outside of the church to minister on the streets? Is the movement taking you to the hospital to pray for the sick? What do YOUR major movements look like this year? Write the vision and make it plain. (Habakkuk 2:2)

MAJOR movement does not just have to do with your OWN success. It is BIGGER than that! It has to do with you equipping and surrounding others in The Body to teach them how to better manage, lead, and serve their families, businesses and ministries successfully! It does not just have to do with your OWN family. It has to do with you becoming a steward of those that are around you. Because you are connected to them and you are making MAJOR movements, they, too, will begin to catch ahold of that same grace that is available. You are making MAJOR movements so that someone ELSE will be inspired to do the same! It is a chain reaction that starts with you! Get going!

MAJOR Movements of Fruitfulness are Coming!

This fruitfulness will bear witness to the witnesses (Ephesians 5:22&23)! Fruitfulness that can only be measured by what we bring to earth as it is in Heaven. Heaven needs to see us move in a direction that sustains, and heals, those that are broken. These major movements will bring us closer to the role of being His hands and feet, not just walking aimlessly (1 Corinthians 12:27). That won’t work. It MUST be enlightened by His significance and His sound. His feet walk, and they have an objective sound and meaning to them! His hands move with distinction. Your walk and your talk will have Jesus’s objective and perspective (1 John 2:6)!

MAJOR Birthing Movements are Coming!

In the spirit, as in the natural, God is unlocking wombs! He is opening wombs for a time such as this. It is all about timing (1 Samuel 1:20). Some will cry through it. Some will smile through it. And others will pray through it. You will see it before it happens! Keep your eyes open! And in faith, plan for the birth. What is your birthing plan? Get it together now. Do not delay on this!

MAJOR Movements of Transfiguration are Coming!

This transfiguration (transformation) is not what most want it to look like. This transfiguration has two parts to it. One portion has hurt, pain, labor, change, self-deliverance, unlearning some of what you’ve learned, the coming out of unfruitful habits, letting go of former things that may have been considered “normal”, and taking on some difficult responsibilities. But on the other side…there is His glory, His healing power, His resurrection factor over your dead desires and dreams, and a supernatural ability to speak, preach, share, and MOVE in His Spirit like never before! There will be healings and miracles and many salvations birthed from the simple fact that you allowed Him to remove some things out of you before He sends you to the world to go change it! You were made for movement! Matthew 10:7 & 8 gives us this very important instruction: “And as ye go, preach, saying, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils. Freely ye have received, freely give.”
This is YOUR year of MAJOR movements! Get going!

Charlene Curry is the wife of Joshua, and mother of 5 children. She is a prophetic voice that has been called for a time such as this. She has a strong desire to encourage and help others discover their identity in Christ. God has placed a mandate on her to help other prophets rise in boldness. She holds a certificate in General Theological Studies from Harvest School of Ministry – ORU. Charlene enjoys writing, reading, praying for, and helping others. She is currently working on birthing her ministry, as well writing her first book, which is a deliverance manual to help equip The Body. She and her family reside in Northern California.

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