Prophetic Insight From A Series of Dreams

The Father is releasing fresh insight for the season we’re stepping into.

By Gaye Rogers

A word developed from Dec. 19 to Dec. 21, 2017, over a 3 night period I had many dreams, visions and hearings. The” rivers” that Leviathan uses to flow in are being rerouted. It will have an increasingly hard time finding a place to flow and influence. In the mean time God’s own must be aware of the unique time they are living in and not be distracted by the hustle and bustle of life going on around them.

Seeing that it is a time where the release of what Father has been preparing in the hidden places will come forth. You will be re-clothed for this time and must make yourself available in pursuing excellence. This is a time where it will be heard, “He’s doing it again.” A process is being completed. This is a season of shift in, “ out with the old, and in with the new” in what Father has been preparing us and situations for this new era.

You will see many things come to an end, only to realize they have made way for the new. An increase of angelic activity in response to the prayers and Word of God that the saints have been declaring will enable increase and acceleration of the Kingdom in regions and states. This is another day, another opportunity.

The “re” words will play a big part in this next era…Refresh, re-do, restart, refurbish, re-calibrate, re-evaluate, restore, rebuild, reset, repair..on and on, seeing the 4th verse of Isa 61 in Kingdom action. Because the “plantings of the Lord” are displaying His Glory, you will see these ‘re’ words come to be.
While at the same time dreams and visions will become dangerous in the hands of those who do not know the Word of God. Discerning of spirits and discernment must be developed to a higher level for the purity of this move of God. Knowing ones by their track record or history will be important, or in other words, covenant relationships will prosper and flourish.

Teams will form based on the priority of Christlikemindedness, and graces will flow together in causing a holy, whole Body to arise. We will see love and acceptance rise to a higher Kingdom level, calling one another up to a higher level of grace in operation. Training and equipping will be at a greater level of demand as saints desire to adjust to Father’s design for their life.

Apostles and prophets will come into their God given place in the Body of Christ, thereby seeing the other graces fulfilling their assignments, because the Body desires to function as a whole and no longer be tossed to and fro by everything that comes down the pike.

Saints will begin to walk at a higher level of authority in Christ Jesus and actually HAVE dominion, place by place, land by land. Sloppy Christianity will be replaced with excellence of purpose and intentionality. Man’s soul will come into unity with the spirit of the man, as we press into the Mind of Christ and function as one, within ourselves and then within the Body of Christ.
We will mature in the area of trusting Father for those things to come as we stay connected to the “Vine” and pursue His presence. From this vantage point we will see where He’s working, so as to join Him in it, and knowing that He provides all that needed to accomplish.

Our greatest rest will come in “BEING” and knowing we are secure in Him. The Kingdom message will increase across this nation as the time is right for Fresh Bread of the five-fold in action and the desirable tasting and seeing that Father is good. As God’s people arise as powerful rulers of the land they walk upon, they will be the benevolent ones who walk in the fear of the Lord and wisdom of understanding His ways.

To enter this time there must be an intentional “ signing out” of the past, closing one door to enter into the new door. Don’t grieve over the door of the past, but eagerly step into the door of your future giving no place to the fear of the unknown. Remember, He is our security.

There are things that Father has been preparing for sometime now and He is ready to bring them forth in this era. The Truth of the Eternal King, in the fulfillment of promises, into the promise land. Enduring and gaining victory in the times of testing and trials will make way for you to be able to carry the weight of the grace He desires to bestow upon you.

I see ones lacing up their red boots in preparation of the war ahead as God’s covenant people war for love and salvation for all. This will be like an anointing, or grace of the oil of spikenard, representing the greatest gift of love one can give, coming from the family of the Valerian plant known for rest, peace and sleep. Lives will be laid down for the purpose of the King. As Jesus is interceding for each of us, we are steeping ourselves in the reality of His Presence, the awareness of His working in our midst and pressing forward knowing He provides all that’s needed for His Kingdom to manifest in our midst.

Triumphant in Christ Jesus, as He manifest Himself through us to the world around us. Becoming one in spirit and soul as we move forward in wholeness, together with others who have been transformed in the same manner, becoming One in Spirit and soul with Jesus, having the mind of Christ. We will live by the Spirit’s Wisdom and Power.

Gaye Rogers is the vision keeper for Healing House, founded in 2004, an apostolic ministry with a mandate to see the “House of God healed,” for His Holy Habitation. Gaye’s ministry through Healing House seeks to call forth the children of God to “Arise and Shine”, fulfilling their created purpose, restoring God’s original design and order in all things. By restoring the foundations through apostles and prophets and developing a Kingdom Culture. As part of her ministry to the state of KY, she coordinates events and mobilizes the region for a 3rd Great Awakening, bringing in apostolic and prophetic ministers to teach on Kingdom principles, hosting “Seeing Beyond” seminars highlighting the prophetic graces of dreams, seer and issachar anointing and oversees the women’s movement, Apostolic Women Arising. Gaye is ordained and commissioned with N.E.I/ Network Ekklesai International/ Dutch Sheets, apostle and is co-director of Word and Spirit Ministry Center for Kingdom Development in Owensboro, KY, a training and equipping center. Other alignments that Gaye has are: Ministry of Zion with Global Spheres/Chuck Pierce. Gaye may be reached at: [email protected], or Facebook: Gaye Rogers

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